• Successful implementation and long-term profitability.

  • Establishing the areas of opportunity and assessing the potential benefits.

When Business Performance Matters


ActionPoint provides the tools to improve corporate performance by allowing to plan, measure and adjust.

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Our goal is to help our client's implement solutions that will significantly improve how their organizations do business.

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Our solutions allow our customers to identify opportunities, trends, issues and directions that will lead to their success.

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A commitment to excellence and achievement of results are the foundations of ActionPoint's philosophy.

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Our Solutions

Business Activity Monitoring

The term "business activity monitoring" as defined by the Gartner Group refers to the aggregation, analysis, and presentation of real-time information about activities inside organizations involving customers and partners. A business activity can either be a business process that is orchestrated by business process management (BPM) software or a business process that is a series of activities spanning multiple systems and applications. BAM is an enterprise solution which is primarily intended to provide a real-time summary of business activities to operations managers and upper management.

At Action Point the goals of business activity monitoring are to provide real time information about the status and results of various operations, processes, and transactions.

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Corporate Performance Management

With Business Intelligence as its foundation, Corporate Performance Management allows a company to Manage the insights attained through their BI investment. Once key business metrics are identified, they can be tracked and managed to improve performance. A common element of this includes planning, both of financial and non-financial measures, and how different business metrics are interrelated. If it is understood that customer satisfaction means an increase in return customers, and return customers have a higher per average spend, one may want to plan and set goals for a call center as it relates to average wait times. A long wait time for customer support inquiries definitely leads to unsatisfied customers, and therefore equates to decreased revenues.

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