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Build success with shorter budget cycles, more accurate plans, and deeper insights

Streamline Your Planning Process

Build your future success with shorter budget cycles,more accurate plans and deeper insights

Jedox corporate performance management software streamlines budgeting, forecasting, and planning across finance, sales, human resources, procurement, and other departments. Integrate financial planning and analysis with operational plans and reporting to optimize processes, boost data quality, and slash planning cycles throughout the organization.

From Spreadsheets to Enterprise Performance Management

Attention Excel stars and skeptics!

Jedox converts your Excel spreadsheets to an enterprise-class solution. Connect Excel and all your data sources to the Jedox multidimensional database. Add sophisticated data governance, workflows, and audit capabilities. Deliver self-service planning and create insightful analytics and business intelligence dashboards with a fresh, intuitive user experience. Give every user the choice to work from the web, on the mobile, or in a familiar, native Excel environment. And the best thing is, you can apply all your Excel skills to Jedox and become a power user in no time.

Configure and customize your CPM solution

Your business processes are unique to your industry, company size and organization. The powerful Jedox modeling engine enables you to build tailored corporate performance management solutions. Create flexible applications for highly complex organizations, large data and user scenarios, and multi-step workflows and reporting processes. Organizations of all sizes and industries use Jedox today to streamline processes in many different departments. Discover how you can take advantage of the flexible cpm software platform and the scalable in-memory database technology.

The Evolution of Finance in Digital Business

The role of finance, and in particular the role of the CFO, has rapidly evolved with the rise of the digital enterprise. Traditionally, the financial function was charged with protecting enterprise assets by maintaining accurate books and guarding against financial risk. That role has expanded to include providing insight and direction for decision-making across the company’s functional and market-facing areas, as well as becoming an increasingly key player in shaping corporate strategy. Download the free whitepaper on “The Changing Role of Finance” and discover how a new generation of modern planning and analytic tools enable finance to effectively take on its expanded role in the digital enterprise:

Kick-start your project with pre-built application models

The Jedox Marketplace is the home of best-practice Jedox software content such as Models – pre-built, configurable planning applications and business content –, demos, and connectors. Models can be configured for individual business needs to build integrated planning applications faster and with more ease than ever before. Jedox and its partners provide a growing portfolio of these pre-built applications to empower the Jedox community at a push of a button – simplified planning at the next level.