ActionPoint ‘s unique combination of skills, resources, and processes separate us from the competition. We offer an entire spectrum of services depending on your needs. Whether it be corporate strategy, business analytics, or employee alignment, you can be confident in the swift optimization of your operational and financial processes.

Corporate Performance Management

Time is money. Using performance management, we save you the time of having to manually sift through endless amounts of complex data and empower you to discover better resource utilization by automatically creating detailed analysis reports of budgets, performance, and future forecasts.


Integrate finance, sales, marketing, and workforce planning with your supply chain plans to mitigate financial risks, improve margins, and deliver better service.

Analyze product profitability, evaluate product proportion and growth. Compare segment operating expenses and the allocated portion.

Quickly forecast, model, and manage store level revenues.

Track your S&OP process on a regular basis to ensure the monthly cycle is running on schedule.

Consumer Packaged Goods

With Merchandise Planning quickly align the organization by setting each month’s objective within a season; Model complex drivers like seasonality (holiday effects), expenses, and accurately forecast revenues.

Forecast new product introductions based on different attributes and seasonality to plan out volume and revenue for your new products.

Set up monthly seasonality assumptions from the brand, down to the SKU level that can be driven by different historical metrics.


Analyze staffing needs, determine if beds need to be added or subtracted, if new hospitals or freestanding facilities should be built or if service lines can be introduced or removed.

Consolidate operating costs and revenue information across member organizations and mitigate risk while improving compliance and financial projections.

Financial Services

Transform processes with driver-based plans and rolling forecasts that integrate financial and operational performance management.

Automate and integrate your expense planning process and connect individual cost-center budget with expense drivers.

Speed the financial close with a single platform that connects across your statutory and management reporting, budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes.

Business Intelligence

Our BI solutions are all about the raw data. Information is only important if you know how to use it. With our extensive experience using a wide range of analytics platforms, we make it easy to identify the individual data important to you and transform it into actionable decisions.


Rapidly integrate data from any source to analyze customers, products and transactions across channels and geographical markets.

Enhance accuracy of revenue, win-loss ratios, days sales outstanding (DSO) and resource utilization forecasting.

Attract and retain profitable customers through targeted, customer-focused campaigns.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Build and manage an intelligent supply chain that responds to consumer demand and analyze trends to capture market share and consumer loyalty.

Empower sales and marketing to discover insights and opportunities.

Exert greater discipline in marketing, promotions and pricing strategies.

Ensure better product availability and improve operational efficiency while reducing costs and securing sourcing improvements.


Link data from multiple systems to help healthcare staff visualize data and gain insight to improve the overall quality of care.

Track the impact of efforts to reduce patient wait time.

Explore clinic patient volumes by time of day.

Identify the impact of evidence-based medicine, wellness programs, and patient engagement.

Financial Services

Track your financial assets to manage your wealth.

Provide a platform to monitor client investments using portfolio dashboard.

Streamline consolidations and management reporting to close your month-end faster.

Integration and Governance

Allow us to put all the pieces of your puzzle together from start to finish. We’ll employ our full range of services to create your enterprise solution including customized software, data integration and master data management, on site or cloud based integration, business process vulnerability, and other complex analytics.

Data Integration

We help you to integrate, cleanse, migrate, and manage data across platforms producing accurate and consistent information so your solution can be consumed by everyone.

Data Warehousing

We specialize in turning data “landfills” into effective data warehouses. We build warehouses from the ground up, and improve them when they’ve run aground.

Data Governance

Create a data governance environment which will help keep your enterprise information safe and in the right hands always.

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